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Comprehensive accounting services in compliance with the Bulgarian legislation, preparation of Annual financial statements, monthly and periodic reports, tax and legal consultancy, outsourcing of accounting processes, assistance in audits and inspections.

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Trusting the experts of BPO Bulgaria’s team you move a step closer towards achieving the ambitious goals in your business. Our practical experience, objectivity and expertise in the filed of accounting and tax enable us to become an indispensable assistant in implementing your future plans.

Accounting Services

Our services benefit the owners of companies who prefer to be focused entirely on developing their ideas. Our clients require that they are regularly informed on the relevant changes in the field of accounting and tax. Everyone trusting their business to us can rest assured that their tax issues are in safe hands and should not fear inspections. We provide well-organized and methodical accounting services. Our clients can have their own time!



The outsourcing of accounting processes is hiring an external company to handle the accounts in your business. Thus, you have lower accounting costs and easier access to a team of experts. Also, you save a lot of time that you can use for developing your own company.


Tax and Legal Advice Services

Comprehensive solutions to any law case are our major objective. In order to achieve the utmost result for each client of ours, we, BPO Bulgaria’s team, are specialized in the field of accounting and work in cooperation with some of the best tax advisors and lawyers. Every assignment of yours is treated from an accounting, tax and legal point of view, so that we can ensure it is correctly resolved.



We will help you achieve and implement your business goals and ideas. In support of your future plans, our team will provide professional opinion, practical experience and objectivity. We offer comprehensive accounting services in compliance with the Bulgarian law, preparation of Annual Financial Statements, monthly and periodic reports, as well as thorough assistance in tax inspections and audits.


10+ employees in the company


300+ customers worldwide


20+ years of experience


We provide services of the best quality while at the same time we maintain the highest level of integrity and professionalism. We strive to meet all the needs of our clients, thus helping them to build up and attain long-term strategic goals and sustainable growth.


Our vision is to be the most preferred company in terms of provision of thorough accounting solutions for business in Bulgaria. To be the leader in providing outsourcing solutions for the business of companies operating outside the territory of Bulgaria.


High business ethics and morals. Transparency of actions and clear communication. We protect our clients’ dignity and respect the people we work with. We build up trust in our team, our clients and our partners. We ensure a stable working environment providing opportunity for career development to our employees.


Our dedicated Employees

Yanka Ayvazova


Radostina Petrakova


Polina Dimitrova


Atanaska Vasileva


Maria Stileva


Gergana Atanasova


Nikola Grozev


Mihael Purchev


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Member of the International Network of Independent Accounting and Consulting Firms 3E Accounting Global Network.

If you are:

An owner of a small business, profitable and progressing, however facing daily difficulty in organizing your accounting. An employer working hard with your team to develop your business and you would like to focus mainly on achieving the goals you aim at and ensure stability.

If the challenges you face are:

Too many and you struggle for time, we provide relevant support and assistance. You feel lost in the sea of information, documents and laws. You need a team you can trust completely. You had problems with tax administration you could have avoided if everything in accounts had been properly and timely done.

Why choose us?

Because our professional approach is based on over 20 years of experience in the field of accounting and tax. We not only provide accounting services, but also tax and legal services, building up a close connection in the course of work with our clients, constant communication, tracking results and giving advice on the optimization of operations and tax in general. Because, having gained understanding of processes, we can propose improvements in the internal company organization and document turnover. Because this will directly influence the efficiency of all internal processes.

How can we hep you?

We, BPO Bulgaria’s team, will help you achieve and implement your ideas. In our joint work, you will obtain profound and accurate knowledge of your business development, we will prepare and present the complete financial information in an intelligible way. We will optimize your costs relating to accounting and tax liabilities. We will ensure you have the necessary time and freedom to focus on your business. And what about more leisure time just for yourself? You have an inquiry? Book an appointment for consultation. 

Who are we?

We are an independent company of accountants, tax and business consultants with an office in the city of Plovdiv. We provide comprehensive services in the filed of accounting and business consultancy. It is our purpose to work on a high professional level and create added value to accounting processes.

What you need?

What you urgently need is an experienced and trustworthy accountant to be aware of all aspects of your operations and become an indispensable part of your team. In this manner, you will have more time to further develop your business and move towards the goals you set.


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4000 Plovdiv, Bulgaria

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