We aim at offering comprehensive services to you and your business, this is why we are continuously working to expand and improve our portfolio. In order to facilitate the everyday affairs of our customers – resident and foreign private and legal entities and affiliates – we also offer administrative service options, virtual office, representation before authorities, consulting, project development support, research, etc.

Written Translations

You can rely on us for quality written translations to and from the Bulgarian language made in strict confidentiality by certified translators with expertise in different areas, such as:

  • Corporate documents (articles/operating agreements, resolutions, minutes of meetings, contracts, business correspondence, financial statements, presentations, projects, tender documents, etc.);
  • Law and administration;
  • Economics, accounting, banking and finance;
  • Environment, water and waste management;
  • Power generation, innovation and technologies;
  • Tourism;
  • Healthcare;
  • Personal documents (certificates, diplomas, licenses, permits, etc.);


We are working with translators authorized by the Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to do official translations, this is why we can also support you in your documents certification and legalisation process.

What do “certification and legalisation” stand for?

In order for official documents issued in a country that is a party to the Hague Convention to be valid to use in the Republic of Bulgaria, they have to be legalised, i.e. they need an Apostille. The Apostille is affixed in the document issuing country. The translation of such a document has to be certified by a Notary. Likewise, any official documents issued in the Republic of Bulgaria need to be Apostilled, translated in the language of the country they are intended.

Where the country the document is issued by or intended for has an effective bilateral legal aid agreement with the Republic of Bulgaria revoking the requirement for Apostille legalisation, the documents issued by this country have to be certified by the respective local authority as named in the agreement. Such documents are acceptable to the Bulgarian authorities and only need certified translation in Bulgarian.